Saturday, 14 March 2009

London gig !

I played a " comeback " gig in London on wednesday. Sounds a bit funny calling it a comeback when I am only on my second and have not even been away for a year ( and the reason why I haven´t been playing is because I was writing the next album ). But somebody called it a comeback, so a comeback it is. Anyway, it probably makes me sound all mature and stuff.

Gig was great full of people who were excited to hear the new songs, so we played them half new stuff half old favorites. One woman was only excited about hearing Fucked up mind or Hometown hero and passionately tried to convince everyone they needed to be played, but the rest of the audience wanted to hear Diamonds on my belly so she was out numbered. I plan to play these songs for her at a future gig, don´t like seeing people upset.

Bertrand took some lovely polaroid style snaps at the gig, and after seeing them I might consider actually putting some sort of hooks on the Hafdis sign. The whole white messy tape on the wall looks a bit plus minus. Pretty happy about the sawing though.

Here is a link to some reviews of the gig.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pictures from the Switzerland gig.

A lovely swedish girl called Sara Burkhard sent me some pictures from the gig I played in St Gallen in Switzerland last month. Thought I would share them with you. (c) Sara Burkhard, www. poorboysontheroad. ch)