Thursday, 29 April 2010

Action man video, volcano and a monster bee !

VOLCANO- Pretty important stuff and lots of angry people in airports all over the world . And strangely I still haven´t seen any ash from the volcano close to where I live because the wind has blown it straight away over to far away counties. I really feel for the farmers that live under Eyjafjallajökull, their land now looks like somebody pored concrete over all the grass. And the little lambs look a bit scared all covered in ash. I want to help so the options are either to go there with a shovel and remove some ash, or go and do a little gig there to cheer everyone up. I am better at singing then carrying heavy stuff so I might go for the later option.

MONSTER BEE - Don´t send in your little cat to scare away a monster bee, I tried it and now Moli walks funny after being stung in her front paw. It was very scary, this bee was a proper beast I tell you.

HOUSE COLOUR - want to paint my house and am looking for the perfect color, any ideas ????

GROWING STUFF - I want to grow vegetables in my garden this summer ( nobody had lived in the house for years before we bought it so our land looks like a jungle ). But when I have murdered the weeds with some scary tools I will grow a carrot or two. I will keep you updated about my vegetable farm.

ACTION MAN VIDEO - check out the new video, it was impossible to make the link work so copy and paste my friends.