Monday, 5 July 2010

Hayling in Afghanistan.

A few years ago I co wrote a song with a band called FC Kahuna. The song is called Hayling and it is still a song I am very proud of. Since writing the song I have occasionally heard from people telling me how the song has been a part of their life which is always lovely to read about.
Last week I received a message that was very touching, and different from any other I have gotten in the past. It was a thank you from an english writer who just completed a book about the war, and spent a year in Afghanistan.

"I hope this reaches you. It's really just a thank you for you wonderful voice, which on Hayling kept me alive during long months in Afghanistan. That, and ducking at the right time.. I am an English writer who has just completed a book about the war there and spent about about a year in total embedded with different armies while researching. I wish I had a krona for every time I played that track, I'd probably be able to afford a Carribean cruise now "

He talks about playing the song in helicopters, bunk beds, in deserts and on mountains. Reading his descriptions felt more like watching a scene from a film, rather than someone talking about their own experiences. Here he talks about a memorable moment where he listened to Hayling.

" On one occasion as I and a platoon of US troops were surrounded on a hilltop by the border with Pakistan, took a brutal barrage of fire and then waited the whole night for the dawn, when we fully expected to be stormed by hundreds of Taliban and slaughtered "

I find it very touching that my song and voice gave someone comfort in a situation like that. Living in my little house here in Iceland this situation couldn´t be further from my reality.

Thank you Nick for sharing your story with me.