Tuesday, 31 August 2010

End of summer.

Abroad it probably doesn´t count as end of summer yet, but here in Iceland we are already wearing winter clothes. I am already wearing mittens so my summer is over. It has been a great summer though. I grew lots of vegetables, watched my puppy Mosi grow freakishly fast ( he will end up being the size of a polar bear if he keeps growing at this rate ), painted my windows, walked up mountains, sang for people and wrote some songs and last but not least.... learned to knit. Knitted a blanket for my cat Moli. It is not a very nice looking blanked but lets just say it´s the thought that counts.

Autumn is a good time for picking blueberries and there are a lot of blueberries growing in the mountain next to our house. So there will definitely some blueberry pancakes on the menu this week.