Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Live online christmas gig !

Hello my friends.
Tonight I will be playing a christmas gig from my pink kitchen in Iceland. I have invited some neighbors round for hot chocolate and ginger bread cookies and some festive music.
The whole thing will be streaming live on the internet so if you want to join us please go to my website www.hafdishuld.com and you will be directed to the right place.


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas trees, cats, music and crochet.

I am back home now from my European tour. Here is a little video blog I recorded from my pink kitchen a moment ago.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Cauliflower ear and very tall men.

I have found out that rugby players in general are a bit bigger than me. Last week I played a set before a match between Harlequins and Bath. It was a totally new experience as I have never even seen a rugby game before.

Everyone was really friendly, I had lovely food and they even gave me a Harlequins shirt , they were kind enough to look for the smallest one possible and I still wore it as a dress. Nothing like chillin´with rugby players to make you feel tall.

Oh and I learned a new term. Cauliflower ear = is when you have hurt your ear many times badly and it starts to look a bit plus/minus.

Last but not least I want to say a big thank you to Julian from Harlequins that looked after us while we were there. We had a great day.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New single out now!

My new single, 'Synchronised Swimmers' is out now. Even if you have the album, I would love it if you could buy the single on download as they tell me cool things happen if lots of people buy my single. You can get it from all good download stores, and here's a link to the single on Amazon: Synchronised Swimmers

Friday, 1 October 2010

60 minutes in Berlin.

Before I played in Berlin a few days ago I met up with the people from 60 minutes Berlin. I had no idea they were filming the whole time I was there, but apparently they were because they just posted the out takes on youtube. Check it out.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

And then I did answer like I promised.

It would be nice to have some questions from my blog followers as well. Write me a comment and I will answer in the next one.

Video diary thing.....

A few people have asked me on facebook lately how they can be sure that it is actually me writing to them. So I decided to send them proof ......

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A new family member.

I didn´t plan to get a dog, but now I have one. Not sure if I chose him or he chose me.... I guess we kind of just chose each other. His name is Mosi and he was born on the farm across the road from us. The first time I saw him he looked like this

So of course after cuddling him that day I had to visit him again. I started taking him and his brother Skuggi for little walks up the road and feeding them some dog biscuits ......still not planning to get a dog.

Then one day all the puppies had gone to their new homes apart from Mosi. I found this very strange since Mosi had always been my favorite out of all the puppies. So I walked over the road and asked Jón bóndi ( John the farmer ) why Mosi had not found a new home like the other puppies. He then told me that it had been decided long ago that Mosi was coming to live with me.

Mosi is 5 months old now and a very happy puppy. I am so glad that Jón bóndi decided Mosi was my dog, because I can´t imagine him living with anyone else. He has grown a lot in the past 4 months, and if he keeps going at this rate he will end up looking like a polar bear.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

End of summer.

Abroad it probably doesn´t count as end of summer yet, but here in Iceland we are already wearing winter clothes. I am already wearing mittens so my summer is over. It has been a great summer though. I grew lots of vegetables, watched my puppy Mosi grow freakishly fast ( he will end up being the size of a polar bear if he keeps growing at this rate ), painted my windows, walked up mountains, sang for people and wrote some songs and last but not least.... learned to knit. Knitted a blanket for my cat Moli. It is not a very nice looking blanked but lets just say it´s the thought that counts.

Autumn is a good time for picking blueberries and there are a lot of blueberries growing in the mountain next to our house. So there will definitely some blueberry pancakes on the menu this week.


Monday, 5 July 2010

Hayling in Afghanistan.

A few years ago I co wrote a song with a band called FC Kahuna. The song is called Hayling and it is still a song I am very proud of. Since writing the song I have occasionally heard from people telling me how the song has been a part of their life which is always lovely to read about.
Last week I received a message that was very touching, and different from any other I have gotten in the past. It was a thank you from an english writer who just completed a book about the war, and spent a year in Afghanistan.

"I hope this reaches you. It's really just a thank you for you wonderful voice, which on Hayling kept me alive during long months in Afghanistan. That, and ducking at the right time.. I am an English writer who has just completed a book about the war there and spent about about a year in total embedded with different armies while researching. I wish I had a krona for every time I played that track, I'd probably be able to afford a Carribean cruise now "

He talks about playing the song in helicopters, bunk beds, in deserts and on mountains. Reading his descriptions felt more like watching a scene from a film, rather than someone talking about their own experiences. Here he talks about a memorable moment where he listened to Hayling.

" On one occasion as I and a platoon of US troops were surrounded on a hilltop by the border with Pakistan, took a brutal barrage of fire and then waited the whole night for the dawn, when we fully expected to be stormed by hundreds of Taliban and slaughtered "

I find it very touching that my song and voice gave someone comfort in a situation like that. Living in my little house here in Iceland this situation couldn´t be further from my reality.

Thank you Nick for sharing your story with me.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Moli, rescue mission.

Some of you might think this is an over dramatic title, but let me tell you this was dramatic alright. It started with me Alisdair and my little nephew Júlían working in the garden. We were making the soil ready so we can put some vegetable seeds down.

My little cat Moli was helping us in her own special way, mostly by crawling into the bag of weeds we were about to throw away. Then our friendly neighbourhood dog Skotta came over.

Skotta normally comes over to say hi when we are working in the garden and normally her and Moli get on fine, but this time Moli was beeing over confident and went in for a little cuddle. Skotta was not feeling the love and gave Moli a proper scare. This resulted in Moli climbing very high up a tree. I took Skotta home and was hoping that Moli would be back down when I returned, but NO. Moli was still in exactly the same place meowing like there was no tomorrow. So there was only one thing to do......

But when I got all the way up there, looking too cool for school let me add in my washing up cloves and snow trousers ( it is a killer combo in the garden ) Moli was too scared to let go, just kept meowing and hanging on for dear life ( even though she apparently has 9 ), so it was impossible to reach her. It didn´t help that all this was happening to the soundtrack of Julian crying " lets just call fireman Sam "
I finally managed to get a good enough hold of Moli while my sister Telma who at this point had recently arrived cried with laughter whilst taking pictures of the rescue mission on her phone. I managed to hand Moli to Alisdair and only broke a couple of branches on the way down. I only just moved to the country side and I think it is safe to say that I am already keeping the neighbors entertained.

Moli is fine, had some food felt sorry for herself for about 2 minutes and then ran back out into the daylight that we are so lucky to have late in the evenings here during summer or spring.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Action man video, volcano and a monster bee !

VOLCANO- Pretty important stuff and lots of angry people in airports all over the world . And strangely I still haven´t seen any ash from the volcano close to where I live because the wind has blown it straight away over to far away counties. I really feel for the farmers that live under Eyjafjallajökull, their land now looks like somebody pored concrete over all the grass. And the little lambs look a bit scared all covered in ash. I want to help so the options are either to go there with a shovel and remove some ash, or go and do a little gig there to cheer everyone up. I am better at singing then carrying heavy stuff so I might go for the later option.

MONSTER BEE - Don´t send in your little cat to scare away a monster bee, I tried it and now Moli walks funny after being stung in her front paw. It was very scary, this bee was a proper beast I tell you.

HOUSE COLOUR - want to paint my house and am looking for the perfect color, any ideas ????

GROWING STUFF - I want to grow vegetables in my garden this summer ( nobody had lived in the house for years before we bought it so our land looks like a jungle ). But when I have murdered the weeds with some scary tools I will grow a carrot or two. I will keep you updated about my vegetable farm.

ACTION MAN VIDEO - check out the new video, it was impossible to make the link work so copy and paste my friends.


Friday, 15 January 2010

Send me pictures of your limited edition !!!!

More and more of you have been sending me messages about what number of the limited edition of Synchronised Swimmers you got. So I decided to ask all of you to post pictures yourself with your limited edition. Please include a message about where you are from and the number of your limited edition.
The plan is to locate them all and put them in order on my website.

You can upload them on my facebook fan page or contact me through mail on my website.

Hope to see your pics

Hugs and kisses

Hafdís Huld

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Meet Moli !

I promised some of my readers to show a picture of my kitten. Then I forgot because I am still unpacking boxes, but thankfully remembered a few minutes ago that I still hadn´t posted the picture. So the pic above is me and Moli posing in the kitchen just now. Just in case you are thinking that Moli looks more like a lion than a kitten I would like to remind you that I am tiny so kitten looks bigger.
Have been told all kinds of stuff about kittens like the " fact " that they don´t like water. Well someone please tell Moli that, she jumps in the shower any chance she gets. ( Yes I said she, Moli is a girl kitten with a boy name. I found out she was a girl after she had been Moli for a couple of days, and by then it just really suited her.)

Later my darlings.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Limited edition of Synchronised Swimmers.

My new album Synchronised Swimmers was released here in Iceland last October. The plan is to release it abroad in the spring. But I have been getting messages from foreign friends who don´t think it is fair that they have to wait so long.
So I have made a very very limited edition of the album that can be ordered by clicking on the little red and blue shop on my website.
The limited edition CD´s are all numbered by Alisdair and signed by me. See photographic evidence here above. ( Special thanks to my lovely manager Kerry for lending us her kitchen table and making s tea and toast ).

Later my darrrrrlings.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy new year !

I haven´t written a blog for way to long. But I have a good excuse. I just moved into my new house. And it is a bit in the country side under the mountains so it took a while to get the internet sorted.
When I moved in I had a bit of a check list of things I needed to get to make it homely.

1. Pink fridge
2. Fluffy kitten
3. Wholly socks ( until I can afford new floor )
4. Big chandelier
5. Lots of tea bags and chocolate ( for long long talks with girlies.
6. Snow in the garden

My boyfriend pointed out that maybe I should have put things like

1. A house phone
2. plug sockets
3. Internet connection
4. A bin
you see where I am going with this

Well he can make his own list.

Later my friends.