Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy new year !

I haven´t written a blog for way to long. But I have a good excuse. I just moved into my new house. And it is a bit in the country side under the mountains so it took a while to get the internet sorted.
When I moved in I had a bit of a check list of things I needed to get to make it homely.

1. Pink fridge
2. Fluffy kitten
3. Wholly socks ( until I can afford new floor )
4. Big chandelier
5. Lots of tea bags and chocolate ( for long long talks with girlies.
6. Snow in the garden

My boyfriend pointed out that maybe I should have put things like

1. A house phone
2. plug sockets
3. Internet connection
4. A bin
you see where I am going with this

Well he can make his own list.

Later my friends.


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