Thursday, 14 January 2010

Meet Moli !

I promised some of my readers to show a picture of my kitten. Then I forgot because I am still unpacking boxes, but thankfully remembered a few minutes ago that I still hadn´t posted the picture. So the pic above is me and Moli posing in the kitchen just now. Just in case you are thinking that Moli looks more like a lion than a kitten I would like to remind you that I am tiny so kitten looks bigger.
Have been told all kinds of stuff about kittens like the " fact " that they don´t like water. Well someone please tell Moli that, she jumps in the shower any chance she gets. ( Yes I said she, Moli is a girl kitten with a boy name. I found out she was a girl after she had been Moli for a couple of days, and by then it just really suited her.)

Later my darlings.


  1. How great to finally see a picture of Moli:) Her twin sister is called Birgitta and is adorable, and it seems identical to Moli:) Now she has 3 younger brothers/sisters all black and white if you want another one:) hehehe We found out about the pregnancy just when we where going to give the mother the pill:/

  2. I didn't expect this when I searched for "Hafdís Huld pussy."