Saturday, 10 October 2009

Album being released in Iceland next week !

It is all very exciting at the moment, my new album Synchronised swimmers will be released in Iceland on monday and I am taking my band over there on tuesday. We will be playing Iceland Airwaves Festival on thursday and release gigs for the album both in Reykjavik and in Akureyri.
I think my dad is already planning how to scare the band with some traditional Icelandic food. Offering rotten shark is always a classic, because just the smell can make people cry, I will try to catch Sarah's face on camera if she actually tires it. ( I don't eat it, it os horrible, but won't be telling the foreign people that until afterwards, it is just too entertaining to watch ).

It has been snowing in Iceland last week, and I really hope it will be covered in snow when the band is there, Iceland looks so much more magical under a blanket of snow.

Later my darlings.

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