Sunday, 9 May 2010

Moli, rescue mission.

Some of you might think this is an over dramatic title, but let me tell you this was dramatic alright. It started with me Alisdair and my little nephew Júlían working in the garden. We were making the soil ready so we can put some vegetable seeds down.

My little cat Moli was helping us in her own special way, mostly by crawling into the bag of weeds we were about to throw away. Then our friendly neighbourhood dog Skotta came over.

Skotta normally comes over to say hi when we are working in the garden and normally her and Moli get on fine, but this time Moli was beeing over confident and went in for a little cuddle. Skotta was not feeling the love and gave Moli a proper scare. This resulted in Moli climbing very high up a tree. I took Skotta home and was hoping that Moli would be back down when I returned, but NO. Moli was still in exactly the same place meowing like there was no tomorrow. So there was only one thing to do......

But when I got all the way up there, looking too cool for school let me add in my washing up cloves and snow trousers ( it is a killer combo in the garden ) Moli was too scared to let go, just kept meowing and hanging on for dear life ( even though she apparently has 9 ), so it was impossible to reach her. It didn´t help that all this was happening to the soundtrack of Julian crying " lets just call fireman Sam "
I finally managed to get a good enough hold of Moli while my sister Telma who at this point had recently arrived cried with laughter whilst taking pictures of the rescue mission on her phone. I managed to hand Moli to Alisdair and only broke a couple of branches on the way down. I only just moved to the country side and I think it is safe to say that I am already keeping the neighbors entertained.

Moli is fine, had some food felt sorry for herself for about 2 minutes and then ran back out into the daylight that we are so lucky to have late in the evenings here during summer or spring.