Friday, 15 January 2010

Send me pictures of your limited edition !!!!

More and more of you have been sending me messages about what number of the limited edition of Synchronised Swimmers you got. So I decided to ask all of you to post pictures yourself with your limited edition. Please include a message about where you are from and the number of your limited edition.
The plan is to locate them all and put them in order on my website.

You can upload them on my facebook fan page or contact me through mail on my website.

Hope to see your pics

Hugs and kisses

Hafdís Huld

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Meet Moli !

I promised some of my readers to show a picture of my kitten. Then I forgot because I am still unpacking boxes, but thankfully remembered a few minutes ago that I still hadn´t posted the picture. So the pic above is me and Moli posing in the kitchen just now. Just in case you are thinking that Moli looks more like a lion than a kitten I would like to remind you that I am tiny so kitten looks bigger.
Have been told all kinds of stuff about kittens like the " fact " that they don´t like water. Well someone please tell Moli that, she jumps in the shower any chance she gets. ( Yes I said she, Moli is a girl kitten with a boy name. I found out she was a girl after she had been Moli for a couple of days, and by then it just really suited her.)

Later my darlings.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Limited edition of Synchronised Swimmers.

My new album Synchronised Swimmers was released here in Iceland last October. The plan is to release it abroad in the spring. But I have been getting messages from foreign friends who don´t think it is fair that they have to wait so long.
So I have made a very very limited edition of the album that can be ordered by clicking on the little red and blue shop on my website.
The limited edition CD´s are all numbered by Alisdair and signed by me. See photographic evidence here above. ( Special thanks to my lovely manager Kerry for lending us her kitchen table and making s tea and toast ).

Later my darrrrrlings.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy new year !

I haven´t written a blog for way to long. But I have a good excuse. I just moved into my new house. And it is a bit in the country side under the mountains so it took a while to get the internet sorted.
When I moved in I had a bit of a check list of things I needed to get to make it homely.

1. Pink fridge
2. Fluffy kitten
3. Wholly socks ( until I can afford new floor )
4. Big chandelier
5. Lots of tea bags and chocolate ( for long long talks with girlies.
6. Snow in the garden

My boyfriend pointed out that maybe I should have put things like

1. A house phone
2. plug sockets
3. Internet connection
4. A bin
you see where I am going with this

Well he can make his own list.

Later my friends.