Monday, 8 November 2010

Cauliflower ear and very tall men.

I have found out that rugby players in general are a bit bigger than me. Last week I played a set before a match between Harlequins and Bath. It was a totally new experience as I have never even seen a rugby game before.

Everyone was really friendly, I had lovely food and they even gave me a Harlequins shirt , they were kind enough to look for the smallest one possible and I still wore it as a dress. Nothing like chillin´with rugby players to make you feel tall.

Oh and I learned a new term. Cauliflower ear = is when you have hurt your ear many times badly and it starts to look a bit plus/minus.

Last but not least I want to say a big thank you to Julian from Harlequins that looked after us while we were there. We had a great day.


  1. You were very welcome - come back soon!

  2. i heard you on radio mersey side where can i buy your album