Sunday, 5 September 2010

A new family member.

I didn´t plan to get a dog, but now I have one. Not sure if I chose him or he chose me.... I guess we kind of just chose each other. His name is Mosi and he was born on the farm across the road from us. The first time I saw him he looked like this

So of course after cuddling him that day I had to visit him again. I started taking him and his brother Skuggi for little walks up the road and feeding them some dog biscuits ......still not planning to get a dog.

Then one day all the puppies had gone to their new homes apart from Mosi. I found this very strange since Mosi had always been my favorite out of all the puppies. So I walked over the road and asked Jón bóndi ( John the farmer ) why Mosi had not found a new home like the other puppies. He then told me that it had been decided long ago that Mosi was coming to live with me.

Mosi is 5 months old now and a very happy puppy. I am so glad that Jón bóndi decided Mosi was my dog, because I can´t imagine him living with anyone else. He has grown a lot in the past 4 months, and if he keeps going at this rate he will end up looking like a polar bear.


  1. :) I feel a theme to the next album coming along..

  2. Yes the theme could be I named my dog cat. Mosi is the Navajo name for cat. I am sure Mosi doesn't mind, he's a dog. A cat may have issue though being called chien (dog). LOL. Best wishes to all of you.