Saturday, 31 January 2009

I would like some proper snow please !

Was talking to my sister this morning an Reykjavik is covered in snow.  They were getting ready to go sledding, with hot chocolate and everything..... so not fair. So as you have probably guessed I am still in England and there is no sign of snow. Rain is not useful to me, who makes magical rain angels ???? No one.
But to answer yesterdays question about the chickens, only the one who played a mean banjo solo gets to be on the album, the rest will just keep chillin and eating sweat corn.
Grandpa Harold, yes he is very sweet, and has the coolest mustache. 

Later my darlings.



  1. I think you must have a 'friend upstairs' as no sooner do you ask for snow than a foot of it gets dumped on southern England.

  2. I know, isn´t it wonderful !!!!