Thursday, 13 August 2009

Flatey, puffins and Magnus the dancer.

Flatey is a tiny island and is a part of Iceland. It has 20 or thirty cute old houses, and walking around the island feels like going back in time ( I know this because I do a lot of time travel ). Me and Alisdair played a little acoustic gig in the restaurant/hotel/play school ...... well it´s the house were stuff happens. Lots of people came to the gig, actually I didn´t realise there were that many people on the island, so we were very happy with the turnout. One of my favorite moments of the evening was when a little boy named Magnus started doing a very enthusiastic dance to my song Kongulo, we are talking moonwalking and everything. He came to see us afterwards and posed for a picture, and I promised I would post a picture of us with Magnus the tiny dance master.
Before I end this I have to say Puffins are brilliant, wanted to take one home they are so cute. But when I went to the local restaurant for dinner they were serving puffin and potatoes, that´s almost like eating a penguin, make it stop.


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  1. Yes I saw puffins available to be eaten along with whales :(