Sunday, 6 September 2009

New album is mixed now !!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this from the studio in Iceland where just finished mixing my second album with Mr Phill Brown, he is one rock..n roll grandpa. I have too many songs at the moment so over the next few days I will be choosing what songs will make it all the way to the album. It will be released here in Iceland in October but not until early 2010 in Europe.
Have also finished all the sewing for the artwork so now it just needs to be put together by Martin.


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  1. You are awesome Hafdis! I'm just as excited as you! Your music is one of THE BEST things new in my life now. I just bought Vögguvísur from your official fan site and am about to listen to the cd. It arrived yesterday in the mail! Oh and your new single "pop song", really is amazing! You rock Hafdis!