Thursday, 10 February 2011

Snowball fight.

We have had a lot of snow over the last few days. I love it, this is what winter should look like. My cat Moli isn´t so sure about all this white stuff. These pictures will show you why ......

Really ? You people expect me to go out in that weather ??????

But she kept screaming at the door so I opened it to let her check out the snow.

She explored it for a few minutes but then came in and could hardly walk because of all the snowballs that were stuck to her fur.

I tried to dry her off with a towel but the snow was stuck, so I ended up leaving her by the radiator so the snow could melt off.

We keep finding tiny puddles on the floor where Moli´s snow balls are melting.


  1. poor moli. at least she got to warm up next to the radiator..... i hope you spoil her rotten.

  2. Ahhh moli, she has longer hair than last time you posted!

    Look out for a product which is a cat bed you can attach to the radiator. None of my cats have them but I heard they were good!

    I am the guy whoose cat was called moley, she disappeared a few months ago... :'( (ran away or died perhaps)

    Keep us posted about moli,


  3. A cat bed I can hang from the radiator sounds perfect for when we have heavy snow. That sounds like a great idea to spoil my Moli.

    Sorry to hear about your Moley, hopefully she will find her way back home.