Thursday, 9 June 2011

A quick video blog from Germany.


  1. Hi hi!
    Your blog is just my style!!
    Loved it, I'm already following. Could you follow me too??
    Pinky kisses!!
    Alice Dias

  2. Hallo Hafdis,

    it was a nice concert yesterday in Bremen. The Lighting man should have given you a little more Athmosphere on stage and i feel sorry for part of the audience that was so axious to freak out with Bonaparte that they did not take the chance to listen.

    For me it was an inspiring event listening to your songs, voice and this great guitar of your Fellow.

    Come back soon and we will find the right venues for you.

    cu, Kai

  3. Hi!

    What a great little video - you sure made me laugh with your cute little comments... especially when you said you decided to "paint your house blue!" :)

    ~ Johnny from Canada