Thursday, 16 April 2009

Chocolate overdose !

I haven´t written a blog for too long now. But there is a good explanation for this. It is hard to write a blog when you are in a chocolate coma. Easter does that to you, and my challenge was big this year, I had Icelandic and English easter eggs to finish. But easter is over now so it is no longer acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. (Not that it has stopped me in the past.)
New album getting closer and closer to being ready every day, and I am really enjoying playing the new songs in my live set.
If you want a little preview of some of the new songs there are some little clips on youtube that people have recorded at recent gigs. ( But I would recommend you just show up to a gig yourself if possible. )

Oh and I also found out that barbecuing in glittery pink heels shorts and a winter jacket is a pretty good look, you should try it next time you make some burgers.

Lots of kisses




  1. You are the best! I hope that the new album will be as good or even better than last one!
    I don't want to sound hysterical, but when are you coming to my regions(Norrland)!?

    Greetings from Sweden!

  2. Would love to play in Sweden again, had a great time when we played there a couple of years ago. I think the new album will be better than the last one.....but then I would say that wouldn´t I ?