Monday, 4 April 2011

Darth Wader and chicken envy.

And the laziest blogger of 2011 award goes to...... me. So many exciting things have happened and I should have blogged about it all. But when I am not working on the music I tend to be in my wellies somewhere in the garden trying to put down some vegetable seeds, but then it keeps snowing again so if any of the ones I put down this weekend end up on the dinner table it will be a miracle.
But the plan was to tell you about exciting music related things, not geeky farm stuff, ( I somehow always end up talking about that instead. ) I went to Sweden last month where I met up with brilliant songwriters from many different countries, we wrote some very good songs for different artists and it was fun writing for other people and to write in different musical styles than what I normally do. When I came back from Sweden I had some horrible swedish flu and sounded like Darth Wader (with an Icelandic accent )for about 2 weeks. But I am better now and back working on the new album.
At the end of april I am going to America, I haven´t played there for a few years so it is about time I go and eat some of their pancakes. I will be playing shows in L.A. , New York, and Boston and I hope to see some of my online friends and followers at the US shows.

My neighbors who live two farms away from us got a chicken house today. They are going to paint it and fill it with chickens in the summer. I think I may have chicken envy.


  1. Check out my chickens hafdis! They are new too!

  2. Back when we had chickens, our half-grown Boxer dog began chasing them. The terrified hens were running for their lives. Suddenly the rooster ran between the hens and the dog, causing the dog to turn and chase him instead. Just as our dog was catching up to him, the rooster darted under a fence and into the thick underbrush. The hens by then were safely inside the coop. I have a high regard for roosters.

  3. I'm very excited about this America thing. Thanks so much for making the trip all the way over here! I hope the LA show works out, because that's about 2,700 miles closer to my house. Thanks again!

  4. xo ~ Hybrid Auxzyuushuuel 21
    Twitter: @UltraVaginaeLux
    ~ I been chattin brashly to the world all day long
    but YOUR picture just made my heart go all mushy ~
    U look like a fox.

  5. So you think my dog might not be very helpful in raising the chickens ? You might have a good point there. He is very playful and that could cause us to have a repeat of your rooster story.