Saturday, 23 April 2011

First day of summer !

Two days ago we celebrated the first day of summer here in Iceland. Yesterday it snowed again. Maybe we should rethink having that celebration in april. Most Icelandic people have memories of being snowed on in a first of summer parade at least once or twice.
I am going over to America next week to play some gigs and my first stop is Los Angeles, I am guessing the weather there is a bit nicer than here at this time of year. Maybe I will just have my own little first day of summer parade when I get there. And If you feel like joining me I should be easy to spot ( I will be the one boiling to death in my woolly jumper ). Yes I should probably find some summery clothes before I leave. Spring has started for the rest of the world.

But before I leave I am going to eat a mountain of chocolate and then play a online gig in from my house on easter monday. Hope you will join me, I promise to play music that goes well with easter egg leftovers.

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  1. You're absolutely wonderful and charming! You have a beautiful strong voice and I hope americans start hearing more from you! I saw you on strictly global on mhz tv. You have a new fan in me! You're perfectly awesome!