Friday, 3 May 2013

Where have I been ?

Yes I have been on maternity leave from my career for almost a year. A lot of clever business people  told me that it is not a brilliant idea to disappear from the music for that long, and they were probably right. But sometimes live just takes over and you don´t really have a choice.
While I was pregnant I had planned to start touring a few months after the baby was born and I had my mum on standby to come with us to babysit while I played my gigs. But then baby Arabella arrived early and pretty much cried constantly for the first 7 months of her life and often stayed awake for 20 hours straight.

Needless to say, that´s when my plans changed. In the past I thought being jet lagged and touring with my band was rock´n roll. Now I realize I had never actually felt truly tired until I had Arabella.

We have had many very stressful nights where we rushed Arabella to the emergency room because she cried so much for so long, we saw lots of pediatricians and specialists but still the baby cried. We tried alternative therapies, and as  I am breast feeding I changed my diet so many times just to make sure it wasn´t something I was eating that was upsetting her. Everyone we met had a good advise for us and thought they knew what was wrong. Thankfully all the checks and tests came back saying Arabella is a strong healthy girl, so all we could do was put her in the baby carrier and keep walking. I am glad we live in the country side because we have spent so many nights walking around with her outside, the bright Icelandic summer nights were a big bonus in that situation. I can´t quite imagine walking around in my pyjamas holding a new born in the middle of London at 3 am.

Now my daughter is 10 months old, she is very happy and healthy but still not a big fan of sleeping. I have managed to finish my new album thanks to a very supportive family that took it in turns to walk around with her whilst I recorded vocals, for everything else Arabella was with us in the studio.

I am going to play one little gig in London at the end of May and then I am doing some proper touring in the autumn. Until then I promise to share with you some live videos of my new songs and possibly invite you to an online gig in from the pink house.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update and I will post news about my music, baby, chickens and other important things here on the blog.....

Hope to see you all later this year.




  1. Congrats, on having a very cute little girl, thing she will take after her mother. maybe that why she was yelling alot, she was trying to sing, but it came out wrong.. you never know..

  2. Hi Hadfis, I became a fan of your music after I heard you on BBC Radio 2. However after reading this post I think your incredible too. You have taken a risk with your music, but the time you spent with Arabella is priceless.
    I will of course be buying the next album.
    Best wishes,