Monday, 9 February 2009

Car,train,car, plane,train and then a car !

Yes went to Switzerland this weekend. it was a long journey had to take 1 plane, 2 trains and 3 car journeys to get to St Gallen in Switzerland. Me Steve, Alisdair and Anna looked a bit sleepy when we finally got there, but we were soon woken up by Swiss cheese and chocolate. And there was snow, what more could you possibly need ??????
The gig was great and I played 5 songs from the new album, the audience seemed to appreciate the new ones and I am looking forward to rehearsing all the new songs with the whole band, as this gig was just me and the boys.

Later my darlings.


  1. Hafdís,
    I can't wait to her your new album. I hope you come to the West Coast of the States. If you ever need American citizenship, let me know and we can get hitched!

  2. Aaaaa, you are standing in the middle of my hometown :). Was an awesome and incredibly cute concert.