Sunday, 15 February 2009

Saw me first very english pantomime.

Hello everyone.

I went to Kings cliffe village hall to watch my very first pantomime this weekend. It was wonderfully homemade and apparently had all the proper characters in it, ( for those who don´t know, there needs to be an older man dressed as a woman, and a girl playing a boy, don´t ask me .... ). The boy played by a girl always gets the pretty girl in the end, and the woman played by a man tells rude jokes and touches her/his boobs a lot.
Then all the people in the audience kept shouting at the actors, and disagreeing with them, you would never see that in an Icelandic theatre so it took a bit of getting used to, but by the end I was screaming " it´s behind you " like a proper english rose.
Panto in Kings cliffe.


  1. Thank you, Hafdis. You have solved the mystery of Panto for grateful Americans!

  2. Hafdis you are a beautiful woman. I don't speak very good english, bescause I live in Argentina.
    But I listen to your music and I like a lot.

  3. yeah, thats right, l like your song "stop", i hear it in the loop while i worked on my essay for the university.... its just calming =)