Friday, 27 February 2009

A strange english man wanted me to sign is bum cheek !

It´s true, I said no, not unless you give me a very long pen, not going close to your behind mister. Someone found a longish pen and I signed his lower back/ bum cheek. Maybe that is a tradition is Portsmouth, who knows, and who am I to break the rules. When in Rome.....

Apart from bum signing, Portsmouth gig was lovely, first gig with the full band playing songs from the new album so we picked a very cosy venue, The Cellars in Eastney. Everybody very friendly there, and barman gave me a Rachel crisps, we liked that.

Rachel was playing with us for the first time, so thanks darling.... she is a proper english rose like Sarah, soon I will have an army of english roses. Steve is not an english rose though, he is more chips and beans kind of man, still very english. And Alisdair Mr banjo man probably wouldn´t think it was cool if I called him an english rose either.

Someone wrote a blog about The Cellars gig so instead of me telling you more about it, I will steal one of the pictures and then put a link to the blog. ( Does it count as stealing if I am borrowing a picture of me ? )


  1. Waa!- I missed that, but can assure you that although Portsmouth has many strange traditions, bum-signing is not one I've seen. Maybe it beats posing with a fish & wellies for the newspapers?.

  2. Mo@grabenhalle.ch30 June 2009 at 01:08

    hi hafdis, whats the toy you are playing on the photo is calling? i really like the sound of it and how you use it, but i can't find and buy one because i don't know the name ^^

    best wishes


    p.s. a really late "thank you" for the gig in st.gallen, it was the best at this night.

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